Located in the heart of the Cité Verte, in downtown Québec, Café Krieghoff’s Petit Café serves tasty and healthy lunches to match our distinctive coffee.

breakfast menu

Our breakfast menu

1 egg, toast, coffee $5.95
2 eggs, toast, coffee $6.95

Breakfast sandwich, coffee $9.95
Egg, tomato slices, cheese, and lettuce

Pancakes, coffee $10.95

Muffin, coffee $5.50

Croissant, coffee $5.95

Pain au chocolat, coffee $5.95

Toast, coffee $5.25
Wholemeal, organic, or white bread, or baguette

Bagel, coffee $5.95

Toast, cretons, coffee $7.50
Wholemeal, organic, or white bread, or baguette, and traditional pork pâté

Bagel, cream cheese, coffee $7.95

lunch menu

It’s lunch time!

Soup $3.50
Soup, coffee $5.75

Ham and cheese croissant $6.99
Ham and cheese croissant, side salad $10.95

Quiche of the day, side salad $10.95

Meat lasagne, side salad $9.95

Chicken sandwich $8.95
Chicken sandwich, side salad $10.95
Braised ham sandwich $8.95
Braised ham sandwich, side salad $10.95

Smoked salmon bagel $13.95

Croque-madame, side salad $12.95
Croque-monsieur, side salad $11.95
Krieghoff crouton au gratin, side salad $12.95

Flaky spinach parcel, $13.95

Warm duck confit salad $14.95
Smoked salmon salad $14.95
Braised ham salad $13.95

Bon appétit!