Learn more about the history of Café Krieghoff, an iconic Québec City landmark.




Café Krieghoff's success and longevity are built on a dedicated team. Many of them have been with the company for over 20 years, not to mention owner Kathy Rioux, who has been with the company for 37 years. This Cartier Avenue institution would not be what it is today without these men and women, who enthusiastically and professionally serve a clientele made up partly of long-time loyalists, and partly of people from all over Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world.

Café Krieghoff can count on a team of (40) people, led by their conductor Kathy, who makes it her duty to be on duty almost 7 days a week.

« My recipe for success is a maximum of good ingredients, i.e. all the people who make up the team, a leader who supports his group, a good dose of love and there you have it. »


― Kathy Rioux

Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel
Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel



Cornelius Krieghoff was a Canadian painter of Dutch origin known for his pictorial paintings depicting everyday life in 19th century Canada. Born on June 19, 1815 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Krieghoff relocated to Quebec, Canada in 1840. He began his artistic career as a lithographer, but is best known for his oil paintings. His works often reflect scenes of rural French Canadian life, including snowy landscapes, outdoor activities, and portraits of the local population. His unique style blended realism and romanticism, accurately capturing details while creating a poetic atmosphere. His vibrant colors and masterful technique have contributed to his renown. Cornelius Krieghoff spent a great deal of his life in Quebec, but he also traveled to other parts of Canada, including Ontario and the Maritimes, where he found inspiration for many of his most famous works. Today, Cornelius Krieghoff's paintings are considered an important part of Canadian artistic heritage. His works are displayed in numerous museums and galleries across Canada and abroad, testament to his talent and legacy in the art world.


The Krieghoff Café, an iconic café founded in 1977, bears his name in homage to this talented painter. While admiring his paintings in museums and galleries, you can also experience the 19th century pictorial atmosphere by visiting the Krieghoff Café where you can enjoy quality coffee and immerse yourself in the history and charm of that era.