Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel



Enjoy Café Krieghoff and let yourself be enchanted by our exclusive coffee blend, carefully crafted by combining five beans of the highest quality. Roasted by masters, our coffee is renowned for its unique and delicious taste. Let us awaken your taste buds with our exceptional coffee! Our coffees can be enjoyed on site or for take out.



Would you like to enjoy an authentic Café Krieghoff experience at home? Our coffee is available for takeout, either as beans or freshly ground on site. Imagine sipping the same great Café Krieghoff taste in the comfort of your own home. We offer three options: regular Krieghoff coffee in 300g, 450g and 908g, decaf in 300g and 908g as well as fair trade organic coffee in 300g to suit all tastes.


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Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel
Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel



What's the secret behind Café Krieghoff? It's our unique recipe that gives it an incomparable flavour you won't find anywhere else! Always fresh, our coffee embodies the irreproachable savoir-faire and finesse of a great coffee: an intense aroma, a round flavour, a creamy texture, a slight touch of bitterness, and a delicate cocoa finish.


Our professional tips for the perfect coffee


Whether you prefer your coffee strong, long, with cream or decaffeinated, you want the very best in coffee. And we agree with you! Take advantage of our expert Café Krieghoff tips to enjoy the perfect coffee every day.


A superior quality blend

From the outset, opt for a perfectly balanced blend of freshly roasted beans. Only specialized suppliers can offer you the right mix of different varieties and a regular supply, which guarantees optimal freshness.



It's not advisable to grind coffee in advance, as it's only when freshly ground that it reveals its full richness and aromatic subtlety. Our advice: buy small quantities at a time to guarantee ideal freshness.


Coffee grinds

A grind that's too fine will form a paste that slows down the brewing process, while one that's too coarse won't allow the filtered water to capture all the aromas, resulting in a bland coffee. It is essential to adapt the grind to your coffee maker.



Do you prefer spring water or filtered water to tap water? Tap water is often high in chlorine and limescale, which affects the taste of your coffee. Our advice: always fill your coffee machine with spring or filter every time you use it for better taste.


A Clean Coffee Machine

Whatever type of coffee maker you have, regular maintenance is important. Cleaning the various parts of your coffee machine will keep it working efficiently and prolong its useful life.


Creamy Froth

For a smooth, creamy froth, use non-skimmed milk. It's best to froth your milk in a stainless steel, cylindrical container. If you want a firmer foam, place it in the refrigerator for a few minutes.


Coffee Storage

Ideally, buy small quantities of coffee at a time. To preserve the freshness of your blend, store the beans in an opaque, airtight container. We also recommend grinding your coffee just before serving.

Café Krieghoff Bistro & Petit Hôtel